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Termites are social pest they generally feed on dead plant materials, with the capacity to digest cellulose which present in wood. Subterranean termites are the most dangerous pest in the world for wooden articles. They build their colonies in the soil and typically work their direction over the ground to arrive at wood or some other cellulose source like windows frames, almirah, paper, cartoons etc.

They usually come to search for food(cellulose)Subterranean termites will scavenge into homes from beneath the ground level straight up to the most noteworthy place of the rooftop push. Over the time, termite harm can become huge on windows, door frames, almirah, kitchen cupboards, wooden staircase, and wooden floor.

Property Risk- wooden frames, doors, chowkhats, almirah, books, kitchen cupboards, wooden flooring etc


Travel Space- they need a GAP of 1/64” which is 0.5MM!


Route Cause- moisture, humidity, crack & crevices in wall area

Termite Control (Post Construction):-


Make holes of diameter 1.2cm on wall area (horizontally) above skirting level at interval of 1 foot in whole premise.


Inject chemical emulsion in holes.


Seal holes with fly ash chalks, white cement & apcolite color stainers (color matching as per requirement).

Treatment procedure:​

  1. Inspection of premise before treatment
  2. Treatment will be carried out by 2 experienced technicians.
  3. Remove articles attached with wall such as Bed, Fridge, Sofas, Almirah etc (by owner)
  4. Use Live wire detector to detect electrical wiring in walls to avoid damage.
  5. Create Chemical barrier in whole premise (Drilling, Filling, Fixing)
  6. For live infestation on wood area like almirah, doors, windows etc, will be treated by Oil Based Chemical to avoid moisture.
  7. Walls which are not accessible for drilling due to wooden cupboards, wardrobes, wooden panelling etc will treat by using Core-Cutter and pack with plastic caps.

Frequency/Visits: –​

  • Spot treatment (Single time without any followup).
  • 1 Year AMC-Initial comprehensive treatment + Inspection followed by 4th month
  • 2 Years AMC– Initial comprehensive treatment + Inspection followed by 4th & 16th month
  • 3 Years AMC– Initial comprehensive treatment + Inspection followed by 4th ,16th & 28th month

Termite Control (Pre-Construction): –​

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Its advice to do not touch any sprayed surfaces till the spray dries up. Once the chemical dries up, do not wash the surface with water or soap. Use a dry  cloth to clean the surface. In case of High Infestation level of Cockroaches (thoroughly spray).

Yes, the service is safe for elders, children’s and pets. However, it is advisable to keep elders, children’s and pets away from sprayed surfaces until the surface dries up.

The AMC Visits enhances the effect of the service by targeting hidden cockroaches, and cockroach eggs.

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