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Bed Bug Control

Are bed bugs making it impossible for you to get a good night’s sleep? We feel your pain. Don’t waste another moment. Contact Skuas Pest Control Professionals to kill bed bugs permanently & get rid of them. Bed bugs are oval-shaped, brownish parasitic insects that feed on human blood and cause severe skin infections, allergic reactions, and itching, swelling and burning sensations. Bedbugs leave ugly marks all over the body and create unhygienic conditions. Since they multiply quickly, you must get rid of bed bugs as early as possible. We will treat bed bugs hiding in your furniture, mattresses, walls, curtains, and possessions using 100% safe and odourless sprays and NON-TOXIC chemicals. With us on the job, you can totally eradicate bed bugs from your home and office space anywhere and once again you can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Bed Bug (Treatment Method): – 

  1. Inspection of premise before treatment
  2. Treatment will be carried out by 2 experienced technicians.
  3. Approved Chemical will be spray on spot & targeted area.
  4. SS Brush will be use to crush bedbug eggs.
  5. De-Dusting will be used to treat electrical junction boxes, cracks & crevices etc. (whereas required as per infestation level)
  6. Vacuum Cleaner will be used as per requirement
  7. Installation of Monitoring trap to track activity of pest.
  8. Recommend to vacate house at-least 2 hours after treatment, then ventilate.


Initial treatment with one followup visit at 10th day.


Q. What safety measures should I follow?
A. After the treatment premise should be close 2-3 hours after that vantilate the rooms and wash clothes with hot water.

Q. Is the service safe for elders, children’s and pets?
A. Yes, the service is safe for elders, children’s and pets. However, it is advisable to keep elders, children’s and pets away from sprayed surfaces until the surface dries up. 

Q.They will come back again?

A.Reoccurrence of bed-bugs infestation will be happened through travelling, servants coming, neighbours, luggage from outside travel etc.  

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