Skuas Pest Control


Rodents such as rats and mice dread troublemakers, causing widespread damage to our health and destruction to homes, offices, godowns, factories, storage facilities, restaurants, and shops. Additionally, rodents also spread diseases and contaminate food severely.

It is crucial to implement effective rodent control to safeguard your premises and possessions from irreparable harm. With decades of experience, we have successfully controlled all types of rodents and possess the expertise to safely eliminate each of them.

Rodent Control (Treatment Method) :- ​

We use a combination of rodent treatment techniques and solutions to get rid of pesky rodents. With us on the job, you can be assured of complete satisfaction and freedom from menacing rats.


Sticky Pads: The Sticky Pads will place in Rodent Boxes for rodents brings results in just a few days. Under this treatment, our technician will place sticky pads in rodent boxes at different locations on your premises. Once the rats enter, they will begin to die.


Baiting: The baiting treatment for rodents brings results in just a few days. Under this treatment, our personnel will place bait material mixed with rodenticides at different locations on your premises. Once the rats eat the bait, they will begin to die.

Borrows Treatment: Rodent Cakes are used to treat burrows of rats and mice; a fast-acting technique which shows good results.

Treatment procedure:​

  1. Inspection of premise before treatment
  2. Treatment will be carried out by our experts.
  3. Sticky Pads in Rodent Boxes will be installed at premise as per requirement.
  4. Rodent Cakes will be used to treat burrows of rodents
  5. Monitoring of traps will be on Fortnightly basis.

Frequency/Visits: –​

  1. AMC- Fortnightly Visits (24 Visits)
  2. Half Yearly -Fortnighlty Visits (12 Visits)

Precautions: –​

  1. Close Entry Points of Rodents
  2. For Better results safety measure to be strictly followed


Certainly! If you have specific questions or need information, feel free to ask. We are here to help with any FAQs you may have.

Its advice to do not touch any sprayed surfaces till the spray dries up. Once the chemical dries up, do not wash the surface with water or soap. Use a dry  cloth to clean the surface. In case of High Infestation level of Cockroaches (thoroughly spray).

Yes, the service is safe for elders, children’s and pets. However, it is advisable to keep elders, children’s and pets away from sprayed surfaces until the surface dries up.

The AMC Visits enhances the effect of the service by targeting hidden cockroaches, and cockroach eggs.

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