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Cockroaches are most likely the most terrible family pest one can need to manage surprisingly search of food and conceal themselves alright to not be seen until a decent populace is available in your home. They stow away in racks, cupboards, channels, inside kitchen machines, in electrical control boxes and crack & crevices.

They can likewise sully food left out, which can cause a few illnesses in people. It’s consequently vital to lead cockroach pest control to ensure you dispose of your cockroach pervasions at the earliest stages. Skuas Pest Control Cockroach control treatment are among the best in pest control industry which will help to provides you 100% satisfaction.

Cockroach Control Treatment (Procedure)

Gel Baiting​

Applied in cupboards, cabinets, under dining tables, door hinges and where required.

Spray Treatment (for visible roaches)​

Spray treatment will be done at kitchen, bathrooms, drains area and where required as per level of infestation.


Sealing of crack & crevices through silicone gel to avoid hotspot.

Monitoring Traps​

to monitor pest activity & level of infestation.

Health Risk- causes typhoid, cholera, food poisoning, allergies

Fast Breeders- hard to eradicate infestation

Unhygienic- smelly droppings

Damage- to food & clothes

Survivors- of extreme conditions

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  • Single time treatment with 30 days warranty.
  • 1 Year AMC3 services, Every 4 Months
  • 2 Years AMC6 services, Every 4 Months


Certainly! If you have specific questions or need information, feel free to ask. We are here to help with any FAQs you may have.

Its advice to do not touch any sprayed surfaces till the spray dries up. Once the chemical dries up, do not wash the surface with water or soap. Use a dry  cloth to clean the surface. In case of High Infestation level of Cockroaches (thoroughly spray).

Yes, the service is safe for elders, children’s and pets. However, it is advisable to keep elders, children’s and pets away from sprayed surfaces until the surface dries up.

The AMC Visits enhances the effect of the service by targeting hidden cockroaches, and cockroach eggs.

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