Tips for Avoiding Bed Bugs While Traveling

Tips for Avoiding Bed Bugs While Traveling

As a traveler, it’s compulsory that you’ll find yourself resting in various accommodations. Along with this adventure comes a potential hazard – waking up to discover a trail of red welts, a telltale sign of bed bug bites!

Bed bugs do not indicate a lack of sanitation; they are indiscriminate pests that can infest various environments, from upscale hotels to budget accommodations, and from spacious homes to compact living spaces, regardless of cleanliness. They are also known to thrive in shared spaces like dormitories and even on cruise ships.

According to entomologist and Orkin’s Technical Services Director, Dr. Ron Harrison, it’s crucial for every traveler to take proactive measures against bed bugs, regardless of the season. These pesky insects have been sighted in hotels, cruise ships, residences, and even public transportation in certain regions. Their elusive nature and ability to endure diverse temperatures make them a persistent threat to travelers worldwide.

Can bed bugs travel on people?

Yes, Bed bugs have the capability to travel on individuals, not directly on their skin. Instead, they tend to travel on personal belongings or garments.


Do bed bugs travel on clothes?

Indeed, bed bugs have the ability to travel on individuals’ garments, including shirts, jackets, trousers, or footwear.


How can do bed bugs travel?

Bed bugs have the ability to travel and may carry out  to suitcases, handbags, carriers, footwear, and attire from alternate sites of infestation.


Do bugs survive on a plane?

Bed bugs have the capability to stay in an aircraft and various modes of transportation such as trains or automobiles. Bed bugs possess the ability to conceal themselves within the aircraft seats, overhead compartments, fellow passengers’ belongings, or garments.

How unknowingly you can  bring bed bugs home from a hotel?

Absolutely, the hotel could have bed bugs, they have the potential to latch onto your luggage, bags, or clothing, accompanying you back to your residence.


Tips for Preventing Bed Bug Infestations in Hotel Rooms

When starting  a journey, remember D.R.R.A.C. to recall the following steps to prevent the inadvertent transportation of bed bugs to your home.


1. Detect:- any indications of a bed bug presence in your lodging. These resilient pests are not discriminatory, inhabiting accommodations across various standards. They emit a distinct odor reminiscent of stale sweetness and leave behind telltale stains on bedding. Though not carriers of disease, their bites can result in irritating welts, especially for individuals with heightened sensitivity.


2.Research:- and thoroughly inspect all potential hiding places for bed bugs. These nocturnal creatures retreat to crevices within mattresses, box springs, linens, furnishings, and even behind wall fixtures. Vigilantly scrutinize these areas to ensure no bed bugs are lurking in your vicinity. 


3.Raise:- your belongings off the ground to minimize contact with potential infestation sites. Examine the luggage stand provided by the establishment for any signs of bed bugs before utilization. Position it away from walls to impede their access to your belongings.


 4.Analyze:- your luggage both during the repacking process and upon your return home. Given their adeptness at traveling, scrutinize your luggage and attire meticulously to preemptively identify any stowaway bed bugs. It is advisable to unpack in an intermediary space such as a garage or utility room. 


5.Carefully:- launder all clothing items from your travels upon arrival at your residence. Subject them to a minimum of 15 minutes in the dryer at the highest temperature setting to eliminate any potential bed bug travelers.

Concerned About Bed Bugs in My Home – What Should I Do?


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