7 Easy tips to prevent cockroaches in your home

Tips to Prevent Roaches in your Home

Cockroaches, like all pests, are attracted to particular environments while they’re looking for food and refuge. Once cockroaches are an issue in the house, controlling them can be challenging. You can leave that to us at Skuas Pest Control, we provide the Cockroach Pest Control Services in Delhi .

Fortunately, there are a few things you can try on your own to reduce the appeal of your home to these disgusting vermin in the first instance!

Our Best Tips to Prevent Roaches in Your Home:

1. Seek out any standing water

Cockroaches need a consistent water source to survive. They can survive without food for a full month, but only for a week without water. Look for any standing water around and within your home. It is wise to start by looking in the kitchen, under sinks, and in storage spaces like the garage.

2. Weekly Dishwashing

Even if it can be alluring to leave the food in the sink just for one night, cockroaches can be drawn to it. To prevent this, don’t leave dirty dishes in the kitchen sink for a lengthy period of time.

3. Observe the counter

Keep all surfaces dry and free of food and dirt, especially the kitchen counter. Always store other non-refrigerated goods in airtight containers and never leave fruit out on the counter.

4. Search for crumbs

Cockroaches can consume a lot of food, but if given the choice, they would not refuse a few crumbs. The crumbs and food waste that are present in and around appliances are one frequently disregarded source of food for cockroaches. Cleaning and wiping down appliances like toasters, waffle irons, blenders, and toaster ovens should be done frequently.

5. Maintain a Clean Floor

Regularly sweep, mop, and vacuum all floors, including the area behind the stove and refrigerator if you have access to it. Also, give cabinets and baseboards frequent cleaning.

6. Controlling Trash

When inside the house, keep trash in closed trash cans, and take out frequently. Cockroaches tend to hang out within foul trash bins and eat filth.

7. Find entry points

There are many methods for cockroaches to enter a house, but they frequently do so through sewage pipes. One effective preventative measure is to screen off all pipes entering the house. Make sure to look for and patch any other cracks or openings around the house that might lead inside.


As cockroaches are a pest all year long, you should constantly be on the lookout for strategies to keep them out of your home. Need assistance? The qualified experts at Skuas Pest Control offer the Best Pest Control Services in Delhi and have a long history of protecting residences and commercial buildings. We provides the pest control services in South Delhi


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