5 Effective Ways to Prevent Termite Damages


Lets Imagine coming home from a hactic day and looking forward to stress-free. You Just open your almirah and found termite mudtubes then you check and found almirah plywood damages by termite. What may very well be the availability of this unpleasant sight? The reply is prone to be current in an stunning and unwanted guest: subterranean termites. If left uncontrolled, these little nonetheless deadly pests may rework your dream house proper right into a nightmare. Nevertheless don’t worry! Listed below are 5 effective ways to prevent termite damages and make sure that the treatment is effective:


1. Get rid of any moisture on wall

Eliminating additional moisture spherical your individual house is probably going one of the vital needed elements in termite prevention. Termites thrive in moist areas, thus if your individual house provides a moist native climate, they’ll thankfully settle in. Proper right here’s simple strategies to care for moisture points:

  • Restore any leaky pipes and faucets.
  • Assure that there is right drainage.
  • Preserve right air circulate.

2. Declutter your individual house

Termites thrive in darkish, congested environments, so your storage rooms is prone to be a breeding flooring for infestations. By cleaning your individual house, you in the reduction of the number of potential hiding places for these pests. To successfully declutter, observe these steps:

  • Repeatedly clear and organise your individual house.
  • Use sealed plastic containers for storage.
  • Trim and maintain your balcony or bushes from your individual house’s exterior.

3. Restore any leaks

Termites, as beforehand talked about, are drawn to dampness and moisture. Addressing any leaks or humidity is important for termite prevention, notably close to roof leaks and wood hurt.

  • Repeatedly study your roof for leaks and promptly restore any factors.
  • Seal any cracks and crevices to minimse their entry elements.

4. Do not mix soil and wood

Termites can merely infiltrate your individual house by way of direct contact between grime and wood. They use “mud tubing” to get between their subterranean nests and the wood in your home. Observe these instructions to avoid this:

  • Assure that there is a clear gap between soil and picket constructions.
  • When developing decks, fences, or totally different picket constructions exterior, go for pressure-treated wood, which is additional resistant to termite assaults.

5. Book anti-termite treatment

Last nonetheless not least, for a further layer of security in direction of termites, have in mind investing in expert anti-termite treatment. Nothing can surpass the effectiveness of a termite treatment close to dealing with these tiny wood-loving pests.

At Skuas Pest Control, we understand the importance of safeguarding your premise from termites. Our Experts team member carries out one of the best prime quality service with 100% satisfaction. Listed under are the steps that we follow while doing treatment-

  • Drill – With the help of a drilling machine, holes will be drilled on the skirting level at a distance of 1 feet.
  • Fill –A chemical emulsion is filled in these holes to make a continous chemical barrier.
  • Seal – After drilling & filling, the holes are seal with white cement.

Let our expert team to create a properly chemical barrier at your premise to avoid future damages. With our Expertise and dedication to provide 100% customer satisfaction. Book Now at Skuas Pest Control and experience the excellence with our anti termite treatment.


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